GSAV 11/23/2023

New UE5 Life Sim Rivals The Sims 🤑, Fortnite’s Event Features Eminem 🎤, Leaked The Last Of Us Part 2 🧟

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KRAFTON’s inZOI: New UE5 Life Sim Rivals The Sims

KRAFTON, the developer behind PUBG: Battlegrounds, unveiled inZOI at G-STAR 2023, positioning it as a formidable contender to EA’s The Sims. This early-stage life simulation game, leveraging Unreal Engine 5, offers players god-like control to shape their world and craft unique life stories. The announcement trailer highlights advanced features like a dynamic Director’s Mode, suggesting a highly immersive experience blending reality with imagination. [Gameplay Video Inside] (average 3 min read)

Half-Life Turns 25: Valve’s Big Update & Documentary

Valve commemorates the 25th anniversary of Half-Life with a significant game update, including new multiplayer maps and full Steam Deck compatibility, alongside a special free-to-keep offer on Steam. Additionally, they have released an hour-long documentary featuring the original development team, celebrating the legacy of this iconic game series. (average 2 min read)

Fortnite’s Finale Event Features Eminem

Fortnite’s upcoming OG mode-ending event is set to include a performance by Eminem, as part of a larger event that also features a LEGO partnership and new game modes. The event, notable for its large file size and unique celebrity inclusion, marks a significant moment in Fortnite’s continuous expansion into the metaverse. (average 4 min read)

Leaked: The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered has been leaked, revealing new features like a 4K mode, improved loading, and a roguelike mode, set for a January 19, 2024 release. This PS5 remaster will offer enhanced gameplay and accessibility options, including never-before-playable characters and insights through developer commentary. (average 2 min read)

Starfield’s Major Update: DLSS Support and Fixes

Bethesda’s latest update for Starfield introduces DLSS support for NVIDIA cards, enhancing resolution and latency, and addresses key performance issues like memory leaks and renderer threading. This update also improves gameplay with quality-of-life enhancements, such as a new consume button for food and stealth adjustments. (average 2 min read)

Looking at the Skull and Bones Closed BETA (video)

The 2023 Closed BETA of Skull and Bones, first unveiled at E3 2017, reveals significant progress in the game’s development, prompting a reassessment of its potential appeal. This analysis aims to determine if the game has evolved enough to warrant renewed interest from players. (14 min watch)

Steam Deck OLED: Enhanced Gaming on the Move

The Steam Deck OLED, releasing today, offers improvements like a brighter display and better battery life, making it an attractive upgrade for portable PC gaming. While retaining the core experience of the original Steam Deck, this new model features a more extensive library of verified games and minor yet meaningful enhancements. (average 3 min read)

Neil Druckmann Honored at NY Game Awards

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann will receive the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the New York Game Awards for his influential 20-year career. Recognized for his rise from intern to co-president and his impactful work on major titles like The Last of Us, Druckmann has become a pivotal figure in the gaming industry. (average 2 min read)

GameMill’s The Walking Dead: Destinies Faces Criticism

“The Walking Dead: Destinies” by GameMill, developers of the poorly received “Skull Island: Rise of Kong,” is facing backlash for its subpar quality, mirroring previous criticisms. This latest $49.99 game aims to retell AMC’s series with player choices impacting the story, but has been criticized for its dated visuals and lackluster gameplay. (average 4 min read)

2024’s Exciting New Video Game Lineup

The year 2024 promises a thrilling lineup of video games, featuring major releases like “Star Wars Outlaws,” “Tekken 8,” and expansions for popular games like “Destiny 2” and “Elden Ring.” Alongside potential launches like “Grand Theft Auto 6” and Nintendo’s rumored new console, 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year in gaming. (average 4-5 min read)